Marcus & Abbie Hoyt Family Photographs by Amy (Hoyt) Taylor
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Cousins Linda L. Hoyt & John Hoyt visited Amy (Hoyt) Taylor in Suttons Bay on April 23, 2008, to get her documents and photographs that she previously had out for us in 2006. (They came out blurry). John scanned them and placed them in this and at link: web page. Linda & I also visited the Black Star Farms and the Leelanau Cheese Co. operated by John & Anne Hoyt, he might be a 9th Half-Cousin, as so far, as I have found, that he may be a Simon Hoyt/e ancestor from Simon's 2nd wife, Susannah. Us Timothy Hoyt's are from Simon's 1st wife, Jane Stoodley. We also had time to visit the 2 Cemeteries, and also visited the Leelanau Historical Museum and their archives.